My Philosophy


What is the BIGGEST room in the world?

It's the room for improvement!

 I am… (high-fives) I am kind, I am collaborative, I am me, I am success and I am your friend.




Things that make me smile: An ant walking across my arm while reading under a tree. Your smile right


now while reading this sentence. In my short time so far here on this earth, I‘ve learned that smiling is one


thing no one can take away from you. Sadly you may find that some will try, even those that you would never


expect to try to take that away. No matter what, smile! :) By the way, my fiancee makes me smile (all smiles).




My strengths: Grit, communicating comfortably with people, being energetic and positive and wearing my


heart on my sleeve.




My weaknesses: I’m working on them and thankfully I’ve got help. My weaknesses are: leadership ability,


writing, attention deficit, and a lack of self-confidence. The people who know me and truly love me may tell


you more.




Do I have a growth or fixed mindset: Growth. Because giving up on myself and others is not an option.


What is the BIGGEST room in the world? It’s the room for improvement! A growth mindset is believing that


things and people can change for the better, and that it's in all of us and in everything.




Why I think getting support matters? Because we are not an island. We need each other to live and


succeed. You should always reach out for support even if you do not feel that you need it necessarily. It may


just end up sparking something new in you, becoming a great learning experience.




Who is my hero? My hero is my grandma, Fernande Lanauze. My parents added an “l” to her name and


made it mine. She passed away of breast cancer while in Haiti. She cared for me and my siblings and united


her community. She is the most energetic person that I have known.  There are other people that have been


really influential in my lifeincluding Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who once quoted, “not to act, is to act”. 




I am at my best when… I take initiative, communicate and follow through. ...When there are others around


me to support me and inspire me. Thank you for inspiring me with your success and determination.




What makes me unhappy? When I begin thinking in terms of competition and not collaboration.




My ten favorite places to study and why? Starbucks, under a tree, Harvard Yard, Harvard Science Center


computer labs, crowded places, with inspirational music from India Arie, at places where I can take multiple


small walk breaks, where my fiancee is not too far so that I can go over to her and share what I’m learning, 


Gutman Library at HGSE, and overall… places with good vibes - where others are studying too.


Why? Anywhere away from my bed, because I’ll probably fall asleep.




My favorite foods are… Kale and quinoa bowl at BGood restaurant in Harvard Square.


Haitian foods (duri ak dion-dion/black mushroom rice and shrimp, mayi moulin ak zaboka/ hot corn meal with


avocados) mangoes (they are so nostalgic, I remember sitting under mango trees in the summer as a boy in


Haiti and eating a pile of mangos all day, everyday), sushi, and foods that I can share with others (vegetarian


or not and organic whenever possible).




Why I founded The National Center for Student Success? For a selfish reason: to help my younger self to


avoid the tragedies and overcome the struggles that I went through. Also, to help others to act. 




What amazes me? lt is so amazing to see how dedicated parents are to their children's education.


There can sometimes be a misconception that low-income parents do not care about their children's


education as much as they should. When doing outreach at public housing complexes in some of the


toughest neighborhoods across the U.S., I have found parents going above and beyond but feeling helpless


about the education system because they just don't know how it works (college admissions process etc.).


They feel powerless but they hope in earnest for someone to come along to teach them and their child. 




I am passionate about... Besides education equality, I am passionate about public health, financial literacy,


global innovations for social good, the environment and generally helping others become their best selves.




As... Sir Isaac Newton once said, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulder of giants.”

My Mentors


I am so grateful for their leadership, passion, counsel and love.